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Registry Compliments

  • I'm finding your registry very helpful.  I appreciate all the information in the packet too.  As a Sheltie breeder, I know how frustrating some registries can be.  This is my first experience registering a cat and it has been a very pleasant one.  Elaine
  • ...we have found your company very professional and helpful in our ventures as responsible pet/cattery owners. Again, thank you.
  • From a retiring Breeder, "I will sty in touch, and hope to still be included in your wonderful registry.  I can't thank you enough for what  you have done for me in the past.  I will miss our correspondence. Me asking the questions, and you providing the answers.  Thanks so much for being you! I will be more than glad to do anything I can to help out the registry.  It and you and John have been great, and I feel like we are old friends, who I would like to meet face to face! Thanks again.
  • One breeder writes, "Also I was going to tell you a long time ago that I don't have to put any type of ads in local mass media any longer because I get kitten requests exclusively through your website! My female is not even pregnant yet and I have already a waiting list of six people! That is so fabulous! Plus the "quality" of potential new owners are much better in terms of when people looking for Siamese breeders through Siamese Cat Association website, they definitely know what they are looking for and are getting into. There is no miscomprehension for them. Unlike people who calls from newspaper ads... i.e. I sold my first litter's kitten to a man who later called me with a complaint that my Siamese kitten was "TOO affectionate"!
  • "First I want to thank TCA for the wonderful people I have met through registering with you. I have gotten so many phone calls and emails from being listed on your site that I am almost sure that at least 80% of our contacts are coming through your web site now. The people have been great along with the knowledge exchanged with them. Thank you so much and I am so glad that I found you." Christie.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful certificate for Mugen.  I was so surprised at how fast it came!!  Your organization really takes the extra step and you don't get that from a lot of places anymore.  Thank you for all your help and hopefully I will be dealing with you again in the future." Michelle
  • "I just wanted to let you know I tried to have my male cat, snickers" registration and pedigree from ACA changed from Siamese to Balinese.  Susie Page refused.  She said his dad was registered as a Siamese, his grandfather was Balinese.  She would re-register him and re-do his pedigree for $20! I guess she doesn't play by the rules.  I even explained he was registered incorrectly and highlighted all her mistakes!  He has a lot of Balinese blood.  My Kittens will be registered with TCA, INC. ONLY.  ACA is a useless piece of paper."  Diane
  • Other Registration papers I have leave a lot to be desired, as there is very little info on them compared to the TCA registration papers. You guys really go that extra mile for your members.... Frances.
  • I just wanted to thank you, if I already havn't for all the hard work you, and I'm sure your husband, do for traditional breeds. Sarah.
  • Thank you so much Diana, I must say not only is your registry, an asset to the breed, but yourself, seem to go the extra mile.  I really appreciate all the help, and you being there.... Heather.
  • You are very kind people, and it is an honor doing business with you.... Arlene.
  • You guys know a days work.  You are honest and fair, and very compassionate. You are very kind.... Sharon
  • You need to contact the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA, INC.).  The Secretary, John Fineran and Founder Diana Fineran are awesome.  They are very prompt, and are willing to help with any questions, i.e. determining the color of a kitten, and all kinds of stuff.  you can email and the web site for the Registrations is ....Heather-Rose.
  • I wanted to let you know you have the best cat site and registry around.  You guys work so hard for us cat folks.  I can't believe how fast the papers come back too.  Niki and kitties.
  • I want to thank you for taking my concerns about the naming of the Color Point Shorthairs into consideration and giving them the distinction of now being called Color Point Siamese.  There is one thing about TCA, its not afraid to be different and lead the way to make changes.  I am sure you have many Color Point Breeders that are very happy with the change.  Its great to see the word Siamese instead of Shorthair on the Kitten Registrations.  I know I could not be happier! Jim



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