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 The TCA, Inc. Registry (PayPal Links)

Welcome! The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. Registry has been in existence since 1991, and continues to grow representing some of the best Traditional and Classic cats alive today. TCA, INC. is an all breed, world wide breed conservancy, where each breed is preserved as it was in it's original state. 

TCA, INC. is the only Cat Association who is doing the work to protect each breed from being changed.  The TCA, INC. Registration Services provides the highest level of service in the world, with a quick turn around.  In addition TCA, INC. takes pride in maintaining the most accurate and reliable records in the cat world.  The term "Purebred Cat" has more than a casual significance.  A Certificate of Registration issued by TCA, INC. is the only official document verifying that the cat is a purebred Cat. This TCA, INC. Certificate of Registration is theAssociation's product and it means a great deal to Cat owners because it proves that their Cat is a descendant of a historic breed. 


Online Registration - Where you go to register online with TCA, Inc.!

Registration Forms and Rules Page

Registry Manual - for the beginner and the experts

The Ideal Cattery - a description.

Registry Photos - How to take pictures for best results

TCA Registration Services

The value of registering with TCA, Inc.:

* official recorded documentation of your ownership - your purchase is not completed until you have registered your cat with TCA, Inc.!
* it is a permanent historical pedigree archive
* it is a formal lasting recognition for your Purebred cat
it is a permanent recording of your cattery name and all cats bred from your cattery

Thank You, again I cannot tell you how much this registry really means to the Traditional enthusiast, you guys genuinely care about us, as the breeders and our cats as well. (Breeder)

Your registry comes highly recommended to me. I appreciate your help, and look forward to being a part of a well run registry. (Breeder)

Our Association maintains an in depth data base of Traditional cats from around the world. Customers can expect friendly, prompt service with an open minded approach to breeds who have yet to request our support.

TCA is an incredible organization that really seems to be dedicated to the betterment of ethical cat breeding. I am also registered with XXX, and TCA is by far the better organization. ... Thank you again. Liz.

For directions on how to take pictures of your cat for best results, please refer to our Registry Photos made easy section.

As you know, I also reg. my kittens with XXX (the competition). I just wanted to tell you how special you make the cert. look and how special you make me feel about Traditional Siamese in comparison.  Thanks, Glenda.

PayPal for your Kitten, Cat, Litter, Cattery Registrations here!  Also pay for your Website Link, Cattery Inspection, Membership, or Classified Ads.

***Due to changes in the PayPal policies, on any refunded or returned payment we will be passing along the surcharge to you.  This is their minimum base cost for any charge that they no longer give back on any refund.***

***Due to changes in the PayPal policies, on any refunded or returned payment we will be passing along the surcharge to you.  This is their minimum base cost for any charge that they no longer give back on any refund.***

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